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cant download any apps

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Scottpeterbell, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Scottpeterbell

    Thread Starter

    i try downloading apps but it keeps coming its unsuccessful and to try again later which i do and still dont work and ave tried doing the clear cache things on it and still says the same what do i do

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  2. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

  3. Scottpeterbell

    Thread Starter

    yeah i did that but its still coming up unsuccessful :/
  4. gunny5821

    gunny5821 Android Enthusiast

    For some reason, when the Market app got updated, it is causing problems, but here is one I use to fix the problem:):

    Press the left hand hard button (On the bottom front) > select Settings > Application Settings > Manage Applications > Market > "UNINSTALL UPDATES". Once you delete this, exit and re-enter the Market. It will reinstall and you'll be good to go..

    Good Luck!
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  5. Scottpeterbell

    Thread Starter

    thanks mate its working again is it going to be the same when 2.1 comes out do you know

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