Can't figure out Google Reader Home menu, and can it read anything without pre-existing RSS?

Hi, I've never used RSS feedware on my desktop PCs before, nor have I quite understood it, but now the idea of having news reports voice-read while I'm driving got me testing multiple apps which I then find out require Google Reader to function. I also found out that Google Reader is RSSware. Well, the idea that I got from the Marketplace descriptions of Google Reader clients is that I should be able to select some pages of my own personal favorite websites, so that they can be read by a voice-reading application. As it is, I have to select from the Google reader menu whatever it presents to me when I search by topic or person, when I would like to make a selection by site URL and page. Is there any way in Android-world of getting a page voice-read without following some pre-existing RSS feed? Maybe getting my email voice-read too, and (an even bigger maybe) all, with RSS feeds too, from one (free or inexpensive) app? I'm concerned that if I need more than one master app (not including the clients) for all of the above, life behind the wheel could get dangerously convoluted!

I have had a real bear of a time trying to find a real how-to site on Google Reader. There just don't seem to be any on this app, only reviews, so I'm down to tinkering with the buttons. I have been pretty good at figuring apps out by spending a little time pushing buttons since desktop PCs were mostly for coders, but I don't think I've seen a more counter-intuitive program since then. The long-press opens up nothing for you, and who would ever have guessed that you need to press the Menu->Subscribe button before you will find any feeds to subscribe to?

I still have questions concerning the items under the Home menu. Press the "Starred Items" or the "Your Stuff" item and you get the terse message "You don't have any ___", no explanation how to add any, or (for the latter) what "Stuff" may be defined as. As for the former, I have used Google's "Star" module to save locations for Navigation routes, but how does this apply to other media, and how does it differ from the subscription service?

"People you follow" Is this about celebrities and gossip, or can I use it to track blogs, or maybe my email?

After filling my subscription list with feeds through the Subscribe menu, with all of them listing under my "Subscriptions" menu, I then pressed the Home->Explore item to see what it would do. I got this message: "No Subscriptions" - you've got to be kidding! What does this mean?

I would be most grateful to any who can help me sort these questions out.