Help can't figure out why S3 handset control stopped working


Hi all,
I've got a Samsung S3. I have Audio Manager on it, which has been working fine. Yesterday two things happened: there was some kind of Android update, which I accepted (I'm running 4.1.2) and I plugged in the headphones/mic that I got with the device for the first time. After that, when I tried to use the volume control on the headphones it would not work. When I unplug them and try to use the handset volume up/down side button then it does not work either. It displays the volume bar, and when I press the side button the tiny dot on the display volume bar makes a momentary jump either up or down, but then goes immediately back to the volume it was at when I pressed the button. I am not sure what I have done to mess things up...all suggestions welcome...



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...I should add that the Audio Manager app and the audio management through the 'settings' function both work fine. But most of the time I just want to quickly press up/down to adjust volume, and not do so through an app.


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I dont know the audio manager app but maybe on that, or another volume app, youve set it to lock the volume buttons?