Cant find an article I read about upcoming android feature


There was an article on some tech news site about a new android feature that will help identify misbehaving apps that uses a lot of resources in the background, or maybe it was some kind of rating that will be added to each app on the play store. I remember facebook app was mentioned there, but i cant find this article. It was published within the last 4 months. Anyone remember such article or know this feature?


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Don't recall the article, but as long as you aren't on 4.4 then you can use an app like GSam Battery Monitor or BetterBatteryStats to check this type of thing.

(4.4 has broken detailed battery stats unless you are rooted. No obvious reason why Google have done this).


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Gsam is fixed for 4.4 if youre rooted bro (edit sorry i missed your part in brackets and yeah, why on earth did google do that??), takes a small but easy workaround explained in the app description :)

Like you, i havent heard of any native android feature like that though


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Man i hate how the human memory works sometimes.. sometimes i think ive dreamed something until someone says "oh yeah i kinda remember that" :D


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Ahh. I know what that is now mate and more often than not its a PITA lol. Luckily you can turn off the notification in app manager.
I hadnt realised that was googles reason for doing it lol. I like a tidy notification area and theres apps i need to be always running :)