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Can't Find Extended Battery on Verizon

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SharpBarb, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. SharpBarb

    SharpBarb Member
    Thread Starter

    Supposedly the Extended Battery was half off at the Verizon Mobile Store, but for the last few days I haven't been able to find it on the online store. Is it just me?

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  2. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    It's not just you :)

    Might have to go get it in-store call and check for availability.
  3. ez12a

    ez12a Member

    Let me tell you their online ordering system is terrible. They lost track of my first online order. If I tried to check the order status online, nothing came up and you got an error page. I called customer support, and they could not find the order either--like it never existed.

    Also i think calling with my actual verizon phone confused the hell out of them cause I had it charged to my personal CC but they refunded it back to the verizon account and they kept asking me for a billing password (i assume for the vzw account). This was after several attempts and being on hold for over an hour. This one time i was on hold for half an hour and just hung up and redialed. Note to others: when calling in to check your order status call from a land line.

    I was instructed in the end by CS to place another order (luckily i saved the cart with the $25 battery) and this order did indeed go through. I ended up getting both extended batteries and a refund for one of them. Problem is i cant return the first battery since it doesnt even exist in their system. I think CS manually refunded me since she asked me the amount i was charged a few times, and no doubt they had a log of my previous calls showing the bogus order #.
  4. DroidSloth

    DroidSloth Newbie

    The deal is no longer available. I expect they will put the extended battery back up on their website soon back to the $50 price. Sorry you missed out.

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  5. mruno

    mruno Android Expert

    its back with 50% off!
    I was able to snag one yesterday after waiting for weeks.
    get it quick for $24.99 with free shipping:
    Set Your Location

    Edit: if link above doesnt work, Click Shop, Show All Accessories, Enter Zip (if asked), Click search for brand and select Samsung, Select Galaxy Nexus, Hover over Categories and select Batteries and it will be listed under the Standard Battery Cover.

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