Help Can't find "Google Settings Up" for the life of me...


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Hey guys, sorry, the title should read
"Cannot Find Google Settings App for the life of me" I realized I got it wrong after I posted it.

I need to transfer/copy data from one 5x to another. The new phone clearly states, if I want to Copy Device Setup I need to:
1. "Open the Google Settings app"
2. "Select Set up nearby device".

For the life of me I cannot find the Google Settings up on my Nexus 5x?
I have Google Apps Device Policy app, however, every time I open it is asking to add an account. I did it and yet, still when I open it request to add an account. I am banging my stupid head on the desk here.

Please help!
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Ok, guys, I figured it out. I think you need to install and activate Google Apps Device Policy and once you do, you will have the option under system settings - "Google", the rest is under there.