Help Can't find my Nexus One on my computer tonight!


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I am trying to put some photos from my phone onto my computer. I've connected it all up like I usually do but can't find the phone on my computer drives. It's just not there like it usually is. What on earth have I done?


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No idea what happened, but if you don't find a solution, you can always use WiFi File Explorer from the market. It can transfer files to you computer without the usb. The Pro version allows for transfers both ways.


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I have experienced a consistent, always happens, problem....

a) Connect N1 to PC (Windoze or Linux)
b) Mount it, you can see it, copy stuff etc...
c) Dismount it, disconnect it...
d) Reconnect it....

The ruddy thing won't appear to the PC in any shape or form... I have to reboot the N1...

Have you tried reboot N1???