Root Cant find RUU, do i need Gold Card?


Before i take the plunge into rooting and flashing a custom ROM, I understand that i should have my RUU.

HTC Desire GSM running Froyo

Baseband -
Software Version - 2.13.720.2

1) Ive looked over at shipped-roms but couldnt find it. Would appreciate it if anyone could pointmetowards the RUU.

2) In the event that its not around, do i need to make a Gold card?

3)Slightly off-topic, but since im considering flashing to CM7, the page over at xda here mentions that i need to update my radio. Do i really need to since im already running Froyo ?

Appreciate any help, Thanks!


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Thanks guys.

After reading the FAQ, just to reaffirm, since the RUU doesnt exist, i guess ill be creating a Gold Card after all.


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The most important thing is not an exact match of software version - a newer one is fine. But is there one for your phone's network or region?

A goldcard is not a bad idea anyway.