Root Can't Find The Flashable Custom Kernal [Solved]


Jan 18, 2012
Las Vegas
Can I get the link to the custom kernal? Can't find
not on my end, all that i put out was merely to show people what is to come. i hold no interest in the motion/spirit. just wanted to help them out :)
Thanks Shabby. You did get the ball rolling when we were uncertain of loki.

Now thanks to Bliss there is definitely more to come. He just raised the shelf life on our phones. lol
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Sorry for such a noobie question. I am very, very new to android and the only thing I've done with this phone is the root that was found on here (in one of the threads). So how exactly do you do this Flash thing? How can I tell what software version I'm running (I read here that it needs to be F?)?

Again, sorry for the noob post. I've tried finding examples of how to Flash but people are talking about custom ROMS and Johnnie this and BART that. I'm confused. I'd love to "open up" this phone some more but am not sure how to proceed.

Thanks for any and all help that you can give. It is very much appreciated.
OK, first and foremost, to flash ANYTHING, you have to install recovery. We were lucky enough to have a working 2nd Init recovery. You can get it by going here:

Once you install it, open it, tap the top button, then the bottom button, and that will boot you into the Recovery menu. From there, to "Flash" something, you have to have that "something" on your internal or external memory. The buttons for the recovery menu are as follows:
Recovery Buttons:
        -Vol + move up one menu item
        -Vol - move down one menu item
        -Home  - switch between internal and external memory
        -Back   - go back to the previous menu
        -Power  - Select current menu item

Once you have recovery navigation mastered, you can start to flash things. If you want a custom ROM, check out BobZ CyanogenMod 10 here: or PlayfulGod's CyanogenMod 10 here: both of them are pretty complete, but there are issues with them both.

There are steps listed in both of those threads as to what you need to do to "flash" them through the recovery menu. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS to the letter, or you may regret it.

If you just want a custom kernel, there are a few of those bouncing around too. I would recommend GameTheory's Freedom kernel, which bypasses all MorningCall security checks, allowing you to remove any app from the phone, and also allows you to overclock your Motion's processor. You can grab that here:

If you have any other questions, take a look at the ATR (all things root) guide here:

Hope that covers everything.
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