Feb 14, 2012
Hello, I just got the samsung galaxy rush and tried to root it but it will not install cwm I tired twice and used odin I have done it before when i had my galaxy s2 but it will goto android one not cwm plz help me
Are you letting the phone boot up to the android is after flashing cwm and before booting into cwm? If so that's the problem. (Which has been covered multiple times now)

If not, what exactly are you doing step-by-step? Its incredibly hard to help troubleshoot without knowing what steps you are taking :)
I followed the instruction step by step and the link you posted i found before and tried out and it did not work.


I turned the phone off and then I turned it back on
I held the volume down and power button then I went into
download mode I then opened odin and used the
('CWM-Rush-M830-Final.tar') and pressed start
I also tried it with the auto reboot unchecked.
I then took the battery out and booted up the phone but
pressed the volume up and power and it took me to
the android recovery<3e> and i tired 5 times but no luck.