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Can't Get HTC Sync to Work

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by magicspeller, May 15, 2011.

  1. magicspeller

    magicspeller Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I've had my Inspire for less than a month, and already I've lost my ability to sync. This is one of the reasons I switched from Windows Mobile -- I was tired of fighting with Windows syncing!

    Now, when I connect my phone to my 64-bit Windows 7 PC, a message pops up saying it's looking for HTC Sync. Then, after what seems like a LONG time, it says "Unable to find HTC Sync on your PC."

    I've run a repair install on HTC Sync. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, using a version downloaded from the link given in the error message. I've restarted both my PC and my phone. Nothing seems to help.

    I've Googled the error message and found quite a few reports, but they're all for other devices, such as the Hero and the Evo, and the solutions given don't seem to apply.

    Any suggestions?


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  2. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Android Expert

    Do you still have usb debugging turned on? And the usb connection mode is in htc sync?

    My default connection used to be htc sync but now when i connect it i noticed it is in charge mode and I have to switch it to sync
  3. magicspeller

    magicspeller Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes to both, 2many :))), but thanks for the reminder.

    You can change the default connection if you go into Settings and choose "Connect to PC."

    I actually discovered that HTC Support is open on Sunday (!), so I called. After an hour or so of working with the rep, we got it working. I don't know for sure what did it, but I had been downloading the installation file using Google Chrome and then running it. She had me run it directly from the HTC site in Internet Explorer. That's the only thing I can think of that was different from what I'd already tried.

    I thought it quite ironic, considering that this is supposed to be a Google phone, and everything else is set up for Google. :D
  4. jennilyn

    jennilyn Lurker

    I am having the exact same issue as you. I too use Google Chrome. I am testing this out in IE now to see if that will work.
  5. jennilyn

    jennilyn Lurker

    This apparently didn't work for me. My laptop can not find my phone once connected. Then my HTC Sync software on my laptop shuts down. It's back and forth. I don't know why it is doing this but it is very frustrating.
  6. magicspeller

    magicspeller Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes, even though I solved the initial problem, I'm still not happy. It's behaving like Activesync and Windows Mobile Device Center used to work, and I thought Android would take me away from that. The phone often refused to connect with HTC Sync. Yesterday HTC Sync was telling me there was no device connected, but my "safely remove list" showed very plainly that it was connected. In fact, I was able to view the files on my storage card! I fought with this for an hour, I think, before I was finally able to make a connection. Then, when I tried to sync, HTC Sync gave me a pretty unhelpful error message: something like "unable to synchronize contacts". I tried several times, only to get the same message. I don't have any idea why my contacts won't sync, but it looks like I'm out of luck, at least for now.
  7. KGra

    KGra Lurker

    turn off Wi Fi... I came across this on the HTC website:

    Why does synchronization sometimes fail?
    This can occur when switching from or to a data or Wi-Fi connection. You may be prompted to login again before synchronization can complete.

    It hit me when I saw that to try turning off my wifi... I turned it off, and it started working instantly.
  8. figment10

    figment10 Lurker

    I tried all kinds of solutions to get my HTC Inspire to sync. Version 3.3.20 is bad. Download Version 3.3.21. You'll probably need to get it from another website other than HTC's website (which is awful for helping to solve your problems). I believe I downloaded the file from FileHippo.com. It's pretty pathetic that I have to get the software from another site in order to get my phone to work.

    But fortunately it now works.
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