Help Can't get MHL to HDMI right.

For months now, I've been trying to get the right phone, the right cable, the right settings, just so I don't have to watch my movies (amazon prime) on my phones screen and watch it on my TV. Nothing I do or am told to do has worked. HELP!!!!!please
Phone: lg optimus G Pro E980
(Unlocked att-now metropcs)
TV: Emerson model #LF320EM4 A
I'm not sure if this important but metro hasn't been able to get my hot spot to work. I want to be able to do this using my phones unlimited data.


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I'm really not sure if the lg optimus R980 has the hardware inside it to do HDMI out... as you've already noticed the connectors are a standard size, but if it doesn't contain the chips inside its not going to work.

Normally what I'd suggest at this point is a google chromecast instead, but Amazon is refusing to support the chromecast. So the way I would solve it would be to go with an Amazon Fire TV stick, and use that to watch your prime content directly on the big screen (ignoring the phone all together)