Can't get new Google Maps


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I don't know if this is because I'm running a custom ROM or that we are still on 1.5 but this is the latest app to go AWOL from the market. This is a real pain as it has some great new features and really tests my patience if this is only for 1.6 and above. Does anyone have a link to the .apk?

Carl C

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Yes that is to show in the Market {The Dev = Google has Made it so only users with 1.6+ can see the maps on the Market , Reason being it may not work on 1.5}.

If you do obtain the .apk it may work though??? :)


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big controversy whether this is gonna happen or not....
I can understand it when people call for patience in waiting for an update, but when new versions of apps won't run on 1.5 then it is harder not to get frustrated. I can wait for any added functionality to Android/Sense but it is unacceptable not to be able to update other apps:mad: