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Cant get phone to send emails!!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by NYdroid33, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. NYdroid33

    NYdroid33 Member
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    I have a samsung moment with 2.1

    I am trying to get optimum online email to work with my phone. I can recieve emails no problem but when I try to respond all I get is a "connection error."

    Incoming settings:
    sever: mail.optonline.net
    port: 110
    Security type: none

    outgoing settings:
    server: mail.optonline.net
    port: 587
    security type: none
    Require sign in: NO!

    Why can I recieve emails but I cant send them? Thanks for any help

  2. Im guessing you outbound settings arent correct. I would call your emial provider and make sure you get the correct settings.
  3. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Android Enthusiast

    Outgoing server should be SMTP, not POP3. You also have to activate SMTP port on Optimum (mostly port 25 is used), see this help:
    Most operators in Europe (don't know how is it in USA) also block all SMTP servers and you have to use SMTP server from operator, not from email provider.
  4. Dagwood

    Dagwood Lurker

    I have been frustrated with this setup as well on a few different Android phones, tablets.

    My solution finally...


    I was only able to get email outgoing while on WiFi and not on 3G. Discovered this during a power failure one night. When I changed outgoing smtp to smtp2go.com, I was able to send email through my Eastlink account with no more hassles.

    Eastlink could not help me....
    Samsung could not help me....

    Why is this so friggin difficult to set up on these new phones. I thought technology was supposed to advance......
  5. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    It's not the phone or Android. It's the ISP that provides your email. Most of them prevent users not on their network from using their SMTP servers as an antispam measure. Some of them allow use of their SMTP server with authentication but you'd need to configure your SMTP servers properly for whatever method of authentication they're using.

    Or use another email provider that doesn't have such restrictions.

    You're not really sending it through your Eastlink account. You're sending via smtp2go's SMTP server.
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  6. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Great points. ^^^
  7. MikeKL

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