Root Can't get to recovery on rooted T-mobile M8


Hi guys, I need some help with my t-mobile m8 running Viper One ROM.

I have a few problems, but I think they all come from old firmware. The trouble is I can't get into recovery to take the phone back to stock. I flashed CWM, but when I press 'recovery' in fastboot, it flashes up 'entering recovery' and goes back to fastboot. With TWRP, it also says 'entering recovery', then just reboots normally.

The other issues I have are very slow boot-up time (>1 minute) and can't connect to Google to sign into my account. I think this all started when the previous owner deleted all his stuff off there, but I'm not sure.

The phone is S-ON, incompatible with Sunshine and Firewater is only getting to the first bottle before failing.

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Hey alex, welcome to our AndroidForums.

Sorry to hear about your issues, but I've moved your thread over here to the all-things-root area and hopefully the guys in here can help you out.

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What recovery do you have on it just now, TWRP? Might just be you need to clear the cache in fastboot mode:

fastboot erase cache

Then see if you can launch TWRP.