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Can't get to settings in Eva voice assistant

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by t2000kw, May 11, 2012.

  1. t2000kw

    t2000kw Newbie
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    May 11, 2012

    May 11, 2012
    I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7" model) and love it. I have an issue or two with Eva, the voice activated personal assistant, that I will post in the forums to look for help. I have found the developer is responsive to questions, but he does not have an Android tablet.

    I'll mention one of the issues here, but I will also post it in the appropriate place in the forums.

    I can't get to the settings for the Eva program. There's supposed to be something to tap on to get to the settings, and you're supposed to be able to say "open settings" to Eva and get to them also, if I understand correctly.

    On my tablet, there is nothing to tap other than the speak button and the picture of Eva. All that does is prepare Eva to accept speech input.

    When I say "open settings," I get the basic android settings, not Eva's settings. If there's a different way to get to those settings (for Eva), I'd like to know about it. I think I can improve how well the program works for me if I can change a few of the default settings for the program.

    Anyway, I hope to lean from these forums and eventually be able to contribute here as well.



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