Root Cant install apps...Package signature not valid


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NEVERMIND!!! the obvious thing to do after reading what I typed is uninstall appbrain. did this rebooted and have installed 2 apps now without issue. Sorry for the junk post, mods delete this if you wish, this has nothing to do with being rooted or on a custom rom.

running velocity 1.1 and obviously rooted.

Not sure if this is something I screwed up somehow, but every app I try to install fails, and says something to the effect that the Package signature is not valid.

Was working fine, new market was installed and it worked fine, then it quit working. I downloaded appbrain market and tried to update some apps through that and it was the first time I noticed this happening. dont see how that would affect that though since all the updating and downloading seems to use android market app

It seems like I can install one app after I reboot, and then all subsequent installs fail until I reboot again.

Any Ideas?