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Can't install apps

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by marinas, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. marinas

    marinas Lurker
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    Hello, my android device had a virus and I had to factory reset it... it all went good until my phone started rebooting itself for no reason and now i can't install apps or do anything with my phone.
    I did the factory reset thing so many times i've lost count, i can't install anything from anywhere. Not only from play store. Aptoide too.
    I would really appreciate if you could help me before i could go to a store to get it fixed. Someone told me i had to root the phone and installed kingroot on it and now i can't unninstall it.
    Doesn't rooting my phone corrupt the warranty?? I need help, I think my phone is rooted now but i don't want that if it damages my phone. Please help!

    btw i have a wiko bloom

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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    Aptoide is likely where you got the malware from - just saying.

    It's hard to say what the current problem is. If it started when you used kingroot then it's likely that app (about the dirtiest root app out there) was responsible, but otherwise it's not obvious. Reflashing your device with stock software is worth a go, but no idea how for that device (never heard of the manufacturer). Maybe check the manufacturer's website for support/downloads. But it might even be a random hardware failure. If they can see you've modified system software they may refuse warranty, but if it's too unstable they may not be able to tell.

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