Themes Can't install my theme in samsung phone?

Hey Guys!

I know I'm a noob at this but I'm not able to install a little theme created by me.

So here's what I already had:-

A Samsung Galaxy Young Duos GT-S6312, Rooted, Busybox installed, Stock Rom and ClockWorkRecovery Mod installed.

So here's what I did:-

1)Copied framework-res.apk to extSdCard using Root Browser App by JRummy.
2)Copied that to my computer via USB Cable.
3)Decompiled it using apktool1.5.2
4)Edited res/values/colors.xml using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.
5)Compiled it back again using apktool1.5.2
6)Zipped it.
7)Changed name to framework-res.apk
8)Signed it using SignApk.

9)Copied the new file to system/framework and replaced the existing(original) file using Root Browser.
10)Rebooted phone, but got stuck in a bootloop!!!

11)Restored phone using ClockWorkRecovery Mod.
12)This time tried to push the file using ADB.
13)File got pushed, phone restarted, but again, bootloop!!!

14)Again restored phone using ClockWorkRecovery Mod.
15)Searched over internet for this, it said, try to flash it.
16)So, created a flashable zip using Zip Creator found on xda. Link is below.
17)Copied the new signed bootable zip created by Zip Creator to my extSdCard via USB Cable.
18)Restarted phone in Recovery.
19)Installed .zip from sdCard (Flashed It).
20)It said done!
22)But the colors of my phone didn't change. Not even a single thing!!!

23)Again rebooted in Recovery.
24)This time wiped cache and dalvik-cache.
25)Again installed .zip from sdCard (Flashed It).
26)Again it said done!
27)Again rebooted!
28)But again, the colors of my phone didn't change. Not even a single thing!!!

29)Repeated from step 1 but with the same result.

Please tell me what did I do wrong! And please rectify my mistakes!

I'm giving the link to my compiled and signed apk, my signed flashable zip, my colors.xml, and the Zip Creator tool I downloaded from XDA. If anyone can compile it for me and tell me my mistake, I will be greatly thankful!


Zip Creator: [TOOL][WIN] ZipCreator v1.3 - Easily Create