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Can't install whatsapp on xperia x10 mini

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by hazelbcn, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. hazelbcn

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    :thinking: Ok I've been trying for a few days to install whatsapp on my mini:
    1. I have android market on my mini and at first I was able to find whatsapp but it wouldn`t install. Now I can't find it on the market (only themes appear when I search). I have managed to download other apps successfully.
    2. So I ended up downloading an apk file of whatsapp to my laptop and transferred it to my phone (and downloaded astro manager to open it) I went through all the stages but at the end it says that whatsapp couldn't be installed on this phone.
    3. I tried to download it from the android market from my laptop but it says there is no phone associated with my principal google account (altho I have put in the phone number etc). It is the same account I have on the phone etc
    4. I live in Spain and the network is orange. My friends all have the app and they are on the same network. help!!!!:eek:


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