cant make phone calls or connect to net despite having signal on three network :(


Signal bar shows that there is a network coverage but on the top there are 2 arrows (1 down + 1 up) and either 3G or H displayed next to it. The problem is that despite having a signal I can't make any phone call or access internet. It is very various - 1 minute (literally) is ok and then for 5 minutes there is no connection. The clue I can give you is that I realised that when there is no connection the arrow down is always greyed out. When arrow down come back to be lit then usually that is a sign that connection is back. Another interesting fact is that when there is a connection then I can start the conversation with someone and while the phonecall is active there is no connection loss. Only when I disconnect, connection disappears after a while. It only happens around Stansted Airport where I work. Even 1 mile from the airport too. It is like that for about 6 months and some of my friends experience the same problem with THREE network at Stansted, however not everyone though! Some people on three don't have that problem and that makes me think that maybe there is something what can be done within the phone settings (I think I tried it all). Three network admitted the problem and they fool me giving me different date for the work taking place everytime I phone them.
Also when I reboot the phone connection is ok for a minute or so. I get the same effect when I go in and out of airplane mode. Just to confirm, when I am able to make a phone call I am also able to connect to internet. If one of the thing is not working, then nothing is working. I hope someone can help me with that.
The only solution I found so far is to call free customer service number 333 when I have a signal and then while this connection is active I don't loose internet connection. But then I have to keep pressing some numbers to three automated machine to keep the connection active :) very annoying solution though as you have to keep pressing options as after some period of not doing so 333 will disconnect you. Please heeeeeelp.
Hi eldaniel, I think I'd find the most local to the 'Stanstead' area 3 shop as possible, get them to either give you a new 'SIM' card(they can register the sim while you wait) , or ask them to test your card in one of there phone's (preferably the same model as your own would be the best), see how the test phone, or new sim work for you, take time checking while your at the shop don't let them rush you.

If you find there are no problems with either your own phone using a the new sim, and your original sim using a new test phone, then this will indicate that there's a 3 transmitting signal issue effecting the area you have the problems in, if you find that either test combinations show that there's a fault (ie sim, or your own phone cause issue) then you'll know what needs addressing.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for quick reply. I tried it and here is the summary:
It looks like sim card is ok. I tried a Samsung S7330 for that, which does not support hsdpa. On Samsung have connection all the time regardless of the sim card. On the other hand, both sim card dropping connection in HTC Desire HD. I believe the issue is with hsdpa protocol in this postcode. I can't find any option to disable hsdpa on desire HD. I only found an option to choose between "WCDMA only" and "WCDMA / GSM auto". I changed to wcdma only but phone still switching to Hsdpa and loosing connection. Any ideas? I read advise somewhere that to stay in 3g i could phone Three and ask them to limit my connection (to 384kb I think) so it is always below hsdpa speed. But that would affect my speed at home and other areas where I don't have that problem. Any suggestions more than welcome.