Help Can't move quick keys at bottom of screen???

I've checked through the stickies on the page and havn't found the answer I have been searching for all day yesterday and this morning.
Does anyone know if it is possible, and how it's done, to move the four "guick" keys ( Phone, 3D Space, Browser, Applications) around? It would be nice to be able to customize all of the phone like I had intended...

Thanks for the help in advance!!


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If u longpress and hold the icon it should move. If not then its not movable. Just go to the market and download a different launcher. That way u can customize your phone how u want. Check out some of the desktops we are using on the desktop topic.

Launchers free from the market are Go launcher ex, launcher pro and AWD launcher.


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Quoting myself from one of the stickies.

the bottom dock can be changed similar to how the captivate's can. Go to the app drawer, hit menu then manage app. Then touch and hold the app you want on the bottom dock until you can move it then simply move it to the position on the dock you want.