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Can't open docx files from email?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by taprackbang, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. taprackbang

    taprackbang Lurker
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    I've been trying numerous methods but still can't open up a docx file attachment from my email. I've downloaded the Polaris Office, Docs to Go and Office Suite. I then went and opened up my App Manager and cleared the default viewer.

    I then opened up a an attachment at which it asked me which app I wanted to use. For sake of this try, I went with Docs to Go app (everyone seems to be speaking very highly of this one to do the job).

    ..and the same..I get the message that it cannot open this attachment. I downloaded it and try to open it up from the app download folder..and still the same.

    The S3 has no problems opening up all the other file types, doc, pdf (haven't tried xl yet though).

    I sent the same email w/attachment to my friend (has Nexus) and he can open it up with no problem. You figure witht he S3 things like this shouldn't even be a problem.

    ..any other ideas?

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