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I have the Samsung Captivate and I'm totally new. I'm having problems opening my email attachments (pdf and xls). I found this thread, but I'm still confused. I can't seem to find "open unknown apps" nor "Unknown Sources" in my Settings.


I'm having the same problem, I don't see any open unknown apps when looking through application settings. I am a recent convert from an iphone, and other than this problem I have been happy with the switch. I'm trying to open a word document. It just says "this attachment can't be displayed". Help, please!


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yep happens to me too,i just wait till i get home and view on computer.sorta sucks but until somebody can help thats how i do it


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You can download apk attachments from the gmail app but you have to log into gmail thru the browser to download all other attachments.

It sucks I know.


Here's the response from support-worked great for me!

This document instructs customers how to download Quickoffice software for the at&t Captivate. Quickoffice allows mobile professionals to view and edit the following documents:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Word Excel PowerPoint
  • Word Excel PowerPoint PDF (Read-Only)
To download the Quickoffice software for the at&t Captivate:
1. Open the Android Marketplace
2. Tap on the Search button and type in "Quickoffice Captivate"
3. Select Quickoffice for Captivate
4. Select Install
5. Touch OK to download and install the application
6. Open Applications and select Quickoffice
NOTE: This will be a free application for at&t Captivate owners only. The paid version will also be available for selection on the Android Market Place for $14.99.
What are the benefits of using Quickoffice?
In addition to opening and editing documents, Quickoffice has tools that make these activities easy on a mobile device such as:

  • Pinch-zoom allows for easy viewing of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.
  • Access to remote storage such as Dropbox,, and Mobile me for safe and secure storage.
  • Desktop quality rendering to show the same quality you would see on a standard desktop but on a mobile device.
  • Powerful search feature to find your documents quickly and effectively.
  • Thumbnail images of the files for easy document management


I redirected emails from my business account to gmail acount. When I get email which consists no att whit some text in body and when it redirects to gmail (pc and android phone) i get a message WITH att named untitled attac... and cant open it. BTW, i CAN open another att which was there in the first place (before redirecting). What is going on?
I can't seem to open an attachment(picture) attached to a text message. I also just got started with a "smart" phone and am beginning to wonder if it's smarter than me!