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Can't open mms pictures

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Squirrley77, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Squirrley77

    Squirrley77 Lurker
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    I had to have Sprint reset my Optimus s because it froze on some recovery screen and wouldn't even turn off. On that screen it said DO NOT REMOVE THE BATTERY! So I took it to Sprint and they took out my sd card and reset it. That fixed it but ever since I can't open pics sent to me via text message. It says message is expired or not available. My plan has unlimited text and picture messaging. How can I fix this? Do I have to take it back to Sprint and have them reset it again?

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  2. Ed Vim

    Ed Vim Newbie

    I'm just taking a guess that part of your phone's quirkiness has and is tied to a low amount of open space of internal memory. Try going into your 'Settings' menu and select 'SD card & phone storage', and look at the 'Internal phone storage' section. Optimus S is getting a little dated now so they only have 512 MB to begin with. It's easy to just keep adding more and more stuff but they do have some limitations.
    If there are any apps you don't need, uninstalling those might help, or if you haven't gone through and moved as many as you can to your SD card that will open up some more space. Also, while you're in the 'Applications' menu you might want to go through all your apps and delete their 'Cache'. (Leave 'Clear Data' as is. Most apps store your setup and config info in Data, but the Cache is just temporary, deletable fluff.)
    After you've cleaned your phone out a bit, check your internal storage amount again.

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