Help Can't Pick Up EMail


I have apps to pick up my email from Yahoo! and from GMail, but I can't find a way to pick up my email from either my Internet server/email provider or the MS Live software they forward it to, so I can't access my email in that email account.The Cox cable company said they can't help, it's the phone issue, phone company server said they can't help me either. :thinking::mad:

Is there really no app for that? :eek:

Preinstalled there is a envelope for email app but no one could tell me if that would work. ? It's asking all kinds of quesions I can't answer. :(

Any ideas?


It should work. Contact your email provider again and ask how to pop your email and they should give you all the ports you need. That built in email app does pop.


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Kind of silly that an ISP can't help set up a pop account with the default email app on an android device. But then again, most won't help you do it if you have any type of *nix box either.


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Call your cable company and tell them you're setting up Outlook. That will get you the POP3 settings you need, then plug that info into the email app. It's funny how the same information isn't the "same" depending on how you use it.


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This is not about activating the phone, it's about the different mail sites, (and other appps), not "recognizing" the new phone. After tons of research, I found that because my phone is an Android, I needed to creat an "Application-specific Authorization" code. I had to go to my gmail and settings to deactivate the one from my old phone, and create a new one. Wa-la. Now every body knows the phone is "legal" It's part of Google's 2 step Authentic password process.