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Can't power on after reboot

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cutty2k, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. cutty2k

    cutty2k Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Got my Lucid 2 last week used off of ebay, it's got a cracked screen but everything else seems (seemed) to be working fine. I had been waiting for my sim card to arrive, so I rooted via Motochopper method and that seemed to work fine, used the wifi to install a bunch of programs, got my sd partitioned and ready to go. Everything peachy. Then my sim card comes today in the mail, I shut off the device (thinking back, this is the first time I've powered down the device since successfully gaining root) pull the battery (what a weird way to take a back case off...use my fingernail in the micro-usb slot? Really...), insert the new sim card, put the battery back in, try to turn it on.....and nothing. I mean NOTHING, guys. No power, no light, charging does not produce a light. The blue charging light does blink for a split second when the micro-usb is first attached and the battery is out, but it does not when the battery is in, and it never stays on for more than a flash.

    Anyone have any idea? Am I totally screwed? I tried hard reset, nothing, hold power button down for a million seconds, nothing. I asked it really nice, nothing. Plugging in to the computer with no battery (i.e. when the blue light flashes) initiates the driver installation (as though the phone was on) but immediately stops when the light goes out.

    Any insight is much appreciated, I've been without a phone for a week now, and this new setback on the damn day I get the sim card is not awesome.


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  2. Phaelin

    Phaelin Newbie

    Just to make sure, have you since tried turning it on without the SIM card?
  3. cutty2k

    cutty2k Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes, I removed sim card, removed sd card, put each one individually, both together, repeated maybe 5 times, then got mad again. The most satisfying thing I've tried so far is wiggling the micro-usb cable, which makes the blue charging light blink on and off sporadically, and makes me feel like I'm actually accomplishing anything (I'm not)

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