Help Can't receive MMS.


I cannot receive picture text messages. My phone is all stock. No root or anything. However, I can send picture text.

BTW, this is the first time I've tried sending picture text.

Any idea why?

Edit: I just receive a text from "0000000868: An incoming picture message did not come through due to low balance. Top-Up or purchase a messaging pack now. Go to VXL> Top-Up"

My balance doesn't expire til September 25. :(



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Idk bout why u cant recieve text messages but i just got that exact same text except mine wasnt all clear, was kinda messed up text but the number is same, i got my text at 9 43 pm just for the record but nobody was trying to send me pic messages but...i did have same problem before on getting pic messages before and i exchanged phone and it still didnt fix problem, one thing i did that idk if it fixed it or not was turn off auto retrive in message settings and it lets me manually download the pics and seems to work better cuz before it would pop up downloading but if i lost 3g or something it would dissapear and the download wouldnt come back up, with the auto retrive off it would pop back up if it got disconnected.


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I just called Virgin Mobile and they are resetting my phone from their computer. Was told to remove the battery during the reset. I have to wait for 20 mins before putting the battery back on. Then they will try to send a picture text to see if it works.

Will see in a bit. :)