Root Can't receive mobile calls on CM7.0.3.1

For some reason I can't receive mobile calls on my rooted CM7 Evo (rings once and goes to VM) . It accepts land line calls and has no problem outgoing calls/texts. I did a factory wipe on 7.0.1 and did a fresh install of and it still doesn't work. So I wiped and restored back to my stock froyo, updated profile, PRL, and it would receive again. Restored back to my CM7 backup and was back to no incoming. Any ideas?


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ocnbrze said:
it could be a bad flash. I would try to wipe and re-flash cm7.0.3.1 or maybe re-download a new .zip file. it could also be a bad download.

When you came from 7.0.1 did you wipe cache, dalvik, and user data in recovery or did you just do a data reset?

Yes did a full wipe (Data/cache/dalvic) in Recovery and then flashed (was second time flashing due to the same issue).

Did a full wipe again last night and reflashed the same .zip. Once I singed in and installed GAPPS, I tried to call it again from another Cell Phone and it accepted the call.

So I only resorted "missing apps with data" in Titanium (instead of "missing apps + all system data") and then downloaded the newest version of Google Voice from Market.

Everything seams fine now... so must have just been something wrong in the system data that I restored last time in Titanium.

Thanks all for your help!