Oct 7, 2021
I've got a Samsung A10E, I also have no data on this phone.
Since last week I can't receive text message unless I'm on WIFI.
I can send a text without WIFI but won't be able to receive one unless I'm on WIFI.

Need some help
You don't need data for sending or receiving text message....
I had this phone for over 1 years with no data and I always had my text message working until last week.
You have tried restarting the phone, and toggling airplane mode on and off, etc.? But you might need to contact your carrier's customer support, and enquire with them. Maybe the problem is at their end? If you got a good signal and service, then you should be able to receive SMS.
Got it fix by phoning carrier
Here is how they got me to fix it.
went in Message----setting----chat setting---Put (Rich communication setting) off
For some reason it was turn on
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