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Cant root.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ajdroidx, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. ajdroidx

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    There was a time I was good at this. All I can do now is just trip my flash counter or brick my devices.

    Download the file.


    Set the device in download mode (yes, my drivers work)

    Run odin

    Point the PDA to the tar file.

    Flash. The thing reboots, odin says pass!

    Try to boot into recovery and only get the stock recovery.

    I have done this several times now. And same thing.

    All I got is a red triangle on stock recovery.

    I am using the How To Root Galaxy Note 10.1! [Easiest Method][CWM][Method 2][ICS/Jelly Bean] | Root Galaxy Note

    it don't work :(

    USB debugging on. Run odin as admin. Rebooted. Etc. Using the cable that came with the device. ETC.

    I might as well go to Apple since this "simple" task is evidently too hard for me :rolleyes:

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