Help Can't Rotate A Photo After Taking It on LG G6

I recently switched from an LG G4 to an LG G6. On my G4, I was able to take a photo then hit the three vertical dots button and select "Rotate Left" or "Rotate Right" from the menu. When I take a photo on my G6, it will show me the photo but when I hit the options button in the upper right hand corner, there is no option for rotating it. However, the list has the options, "Move, Copy, Slideshow, Set image as, Add signature, Lock, Add Location, Print, Play on other device, Rename, Details."

I figured out that if I went to my gallery and viewed my entire photo album (not an individual photo) that I could select one or more photos to rotate from the album view. However, this is extremely frustrating because what I basically have to do is take a photo, X out of the camera, open the gallery, select the photo, and rotate it. It does not make sense to me why I can't take an individual photo and immediately after, hit the "options" button and rotate it right or left. I know this is such a simple thing, but it's driving me insane.

What I did was download the QuickPic app and change the defaults to open my photos in that immediately after they are taken. When the photo opens, I can click the option button in the right hand corner and easily rotate it. It then overwrites it to my gallery. But I hate having to have a second photo app JUST to do something as simple as rotate a photo.

Sorry for the long explanation but just want to be clear. This is how my phone is without QuickPic:

1. I take a picture on the camera. It then pops up immediately afterward.
2. I hit the option button but there is no "rotate" option.
3. I have to hit "edit" and it gives me the option to edit it with either Google Photos or Snapseed, which I also downloaded.
4. If I don't want to edit it with those, I have to X out of the camera and open the gallery. There's no way to get to my albums from the camera.
5. In the gallery, I can select the photo and rotate it from album view but I cannot do so if I click on / enlarge one individual photo.

It just seems like so many steps. Can anyone tell me if I am missing something here?


In the camera app, go to the picture you just took and look at the bottom for the edit tool. You should be able to rotate it then.