Can't see music media

Long story short, have have 10 GB of media I copied into my sdcard Music folder on Galaxy S3. Typically arranged with subfolders of artistname/albumname/songs all in .mp3 format. Neither the Stock Music App nor Double Twist see any of the music. My files app shows all that should be there. I have restarted the GS3; I have unmounted and remounted the card. I downloaded and ran the app "Scan Media", all to no avail. Any thoughts?

Further, possibly relevant info, this music was previously visibile. For reasons that seemed good at the time, I moved all that music to "media" folder. That didn't do for me what I wanted, so I moved it all back to "music". The movement was done from the PC via a USB (MTP) connection.



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Welcome to the forums. Looks like Lindsay has got you all sorted so I guess all that's left to say is thanks for joining are little family :D