Dec 27, 2013
2 days ago i used to have all my music play regularly on google music player.
(i stored them on my sd card and i have a rooted galaxy s4 4.3 jellybeans).
now, yesterday i wanted to add more music so i draggged the music to the folder, and it didn't show on y media player.
i tried removing all the music and then adding it back, even syncing it back with kies 3, and even if i put it on my internal storage "music" folder i can't see it on my google player.
(i can't see all my songs) and i already tried many things like unmounting the sd card, powering off and on, clearing cache, clearing data, forcing to stop.
also, the music is displayed on a 3rd party media player that i downloaded but i really want to use the google player (for voice commands) and because i still prrefer the google player.
What happens when you go to the "Listen Now" Page and click the little down arrow and choose On Device instead of all music? When I click on mine it shows all my music on my SDCARD with no problem. I have a hierarchical order to my folders so my music folder is buried in another folder my set up is like this:

Media - Parent Folder
audio - Child Folder home to ringtones and notifications
Music - Child Folder home to my music this also has child folders with in it
Pictures - Child Folder home to my pictures
Videos - Child Folder home to my video's

With the above order I have no issues with Play Music playing whats on my SDCARD. Make sure you tell it On Device and see if it shows it all then.
i can't reach there... (also usually i use the samsung music player and it doesn't have that feature i think) what it simply says on the play now to add music through the usb cable.....