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Can't Select/View Mobile or Wi-Fi Data usage - "Settings has stopped"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by EnzoS, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. EnzoS

    EnzoS Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Since our recent OTA Oreo 8.1 update we haven't been able to select or view either mobile data or wi-fi data usage on our Samsung Galaxy J7 (Verizon). Path: settings/connections/data usage/mobile data usage (or wi-fi data usage).

    When selected, either mobile data usage or wi-fi data usage is displayed for a fraction of a second then is immediately covered by a pop-up window saying "Settings has stopped. Open app again."

    We have so far tried clearing caches locally and wiping cache partition with no luck. We've also read a variety of recommendations (online) to "clear data" for some apps. One in particular that got our attention was the "settings" app. We haven't read anywhere that doing a "clear data" on the setting app will cure the issue where data usage can't be accessed.

    Is it safe to "clear data" on the settings app? I know doing so will return the "about phone" developer options to a "stock" appearance but what else might happen or what else might be lost (and require re-installation or re-configuring) following deletion of the settings app data?


  2. Velenoso

    Velenoso Newbie

    You'll most probably loss a ship load of setting I would think, as in go back to default, (wifi password, bluetooth name, sound profile, display setting, secuity setting) but I haven't needed to try and hope I never do.
  3. EnzoS

    EnzoS Newbie
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    Thanks for your comments. I knew there would be some settings/configurations that would have to be inputted again and I'm just about ready to pull the trigger. I'm hoping to find a posting somewhere that lists all of the settings that would be affected...unless of course, you're sure all that you listed would be the only ones affected???

    I appreciate your comments and hope you might have something else to add.

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