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Can't send texts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PrinceCorwin, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. PrinceCorwin

    PrinceCorwin Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Starting this morning, I can't send any texts. They all come back "message not sent". I receive fine, just no send. I've tried nandroids and flashing different ROMs to no avail. Also getting abundance of random fc's

    Any ideas?

  2. ortrigger

    ortrigger Android Expert

    Have you done anything different lately? If not, it may be time for a cab flash.
  3. PrinceCorwin

    PrinceCorwin Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Nothing different. Probably will flash cab. See if that helps
  4. ortrigger

    ortrigger Android Expert

    It should. More than likely, something got corrupted just enough to cause issues. Seems like some revisions of this phone just need a cab flash every once in a while. Mine has never really had an issue but others it seems are more picky.

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