Can't send videos or music files!?!?


I have a LG Optimus Extreme and can't send videos or music files~either when I try emailing or messaging them.No matter what the size of the file I keep getting the same darn response saying "file too large".It's so frustrating and I don't know what to do?Can someone please help me?Is there some way to bypass this?:thinking::thinking:


Android Expert
Hello sarabelle , welcome to android forums . Have you tried pulling the battery out leave it out for about 2 min then put battery back in. See if that helps . Also, you can only send 30 sec of video through text messages. You have to change the setting in video mode from normal to mms. Then every time you take a video you should see a 30 sec clock at the bottom of your screen. . I hope that this was helpful . Thanks for joining . Cheers