Help Can't stay connected to Starbucks (Google!!!) wifi


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I have had a myriad of basic operation issues with this phone (and not just this particular device, the model in general), but this really blows my mind.

I'm sure most of you know that when you go into a Starbucks, you choose (or auto connect to) the free wifi, then it brings you an accept and connect page, then you're on. When I bring my S5 in, this is not the case. It says it's connected but when I switch to chrome it brings me directly to whatever page rather than the accept and connect page. Then it disconnects, telling me it is waiting for a better connection (see attached photo). Then it randomly connects again and I go through the whole process in repeat. I NEVER get to the accept and connect page and therefore I never fully logon.

I'm sorry, but this is beyond unacceptable for a device as expensive so supposedly up to do date as the S5 and this operating system. I've never had a problem with previous android phones and I have absolutely no problem with my ipad, in fact as some of you may know, the iOS brings me directly to the login page from settings (this seems to go for any wifi connection that requires this type of login).

What could possibly be the issue here and how does such a device and operating system roll off the shelf with such a stupid glitch? The absurdity is of course that it's a google operated network that won't communicate with an android phone...



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Of course just as I was adding that picture it switched to connected instead something about reconnecting to the network when the connection was better. This is what I meant to post...


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Curious but does it only do this with starbucks wifi? Any where I use wif on mine the pull down screen takes me to the accept page when I click the wifi icon. Mary


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I would turn off the SmartNetwork Switch and then turn OFF mobile data.

That will force it to stay on the WiFi signal.


i have the same issues...although not always. it seems some starbucks have gone to google and others still have att so it depends on the location.
i am on sprint and most of the time it brings up the connections optimizer and logs in...
i have also found that using the stock browser instead of chrome does the trick...opening and it switches to the starbucks login page