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Can't stay rooted on TW!! Can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by arkansawdave74, Jan 18, 2016.

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    I see the forums aren't that active for the mini, but it's sure worth a shot...

    Hello, everyone. I'm having an issue on my G800H I can't get figured out. I'm no stranger to rooting, having rooted 15-20 of my own devices, but only 3 were Samsungs (two S5 Sports, and a Galaxy Admire). I've never had this problem with any Android, but I can't keep a Touichwiz OS rooted. I've rooted both 5.1.1 firmwares many times over the past month using both Supersu 2.50 and 2.66. I've never kept root for over 24 hrs. I've thought it may be a Knox issue, but even when I uninstall every Knox related app I can find, I still lose root. The Knox apps I'm aware of and uninstall are:
    Maybe I'm missing a couple. I've tried with both the Russian kernel and with the Tardis Ultimate kernel. I've even tried returning to the stock kernel after rooting just because I wanted to try everything. I've also tried rooting with about 4 different versions of the kingroot apk and even tried the PC version last night...none will Root either 5.1.1 firmware... I even tried the new beta apk!! I would use CM or BlissPop, but I can't stand my phone to not be fully functional and I can't stand navbars...but I can't stand losing root even more so I may use 1 of the 2. This morning, I even decided that I'd rather have Root than Lollipop, so I returned to 4.4.2 and rooted with SuperSu 2.4.6...a zip I've used many times on many phones without a problem. I lost root within 3 hours. If anyone has heard of this before or knows a solution, please help me out...I'm losing my patience with this phone, and I don't want to give up and sell it....

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