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Can't stop the alarm of Moto e5 Play

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ken Wanner, Oct 29, 2021.

  1. Ken Wanner

    Ken Wanner Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I need some expert advice.
    When the alarm clock of my Moto e5 Play goes off every morning, it used to be that I just swipe the alarm clock/time display to the screen edge and it would stop the alarm.
    But lately the alarm clock doesn't work normally: the clock/time display won't move as I swipe it when the alarm goes off. As the alarm rings, 3 items are also displayed at the bottom of the cell phone screen: two words, Snooze and Stop, and in between them an image of a clock. But none of them would respond to touch (eg. when I touch Stop, the alarm still won't stop). By the way, the 3 items were not there in the past when the alarm clock was working normally.
    The alarm just keeps ringing, so I have to turn off the cell phone in order to stop it. It's very frustrating.
    I didn't change the settings of my alarm clock. My cell phone screen is also not locked. I am not sure what caused the problem.
    Does anyone know what's wrong with my alarm clock, and how to fix it?
    Thank you.


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  2. StewG

    StewG Lurker

    The answer is simple, but not particularly intuitive. Swipe the clock icon in the direction of snooze (to snooze) and in the direction of stop to stop. It took me a couple of days to find that out.
  3. Ken Wanner

    Ken Wanner Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for your reply.
    I have used the same swipe method as you described to stop the alarm clock in the past, and it had worked fine. The problem now is the swipe method doesn't work anymore for some unknown reason. Now, the clock icon doesn't move at all when I swipe it -- it's like frozen -- and the alarm just keep going and it won't stop.
    Any idea on how to fix the problem will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
  4. Milo Williamson

    Milo Williamson Android Expert

    Settings > Volume > Alarms, turn off.
  5. StewG

    StewG Lurker

    Sorry, that was not my problem. My issue was that the update to Android 12 changed the position of 'swipe' that for me was non-intuitive because I expected the new 'buttons' to stop the alarm without swiping.
  6. you will have to go to settings alarms and then turn off volume
  7. Madd61

    Madd61 Android Enthusiast

    You got Android 12 on an E5?

    You probably had a clock update, no doubt.

    I'll check my E6+ out later and report back.
    One other more experienced member (who doesn't like little dogs) has an E6 who may also reply :)
  8. Madd61

    Madd61 Android Enthusiast

    My Moto E6 Plus European model (XT 2023 - 2) has an animated slider control when the alarm sounds in sleep mode.
    I'm aware the US have different model E6's and presumably E5's, with different stock features.
    Do you have a different Launcher installed?
    If not, perhaps if you can capture a photo of the lock screen? Also you should be able to download the latest manual for your particular model (is it an E5 Play / XT - xxxx?). Otherwise perhaps you do have a software issue that you can report to Motorola.

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