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Can't sync bluetooth to Broadcom Bluetooth USB device--Need help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fritomisto, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. fritomisto

    fritomisto Lurker
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    I am looking everywhere for help with no avail. I have the Rezound and a Broadcom USB bluetooth device that was version 2.1 and I just downloaded software to upgrade to 3.0, which I have plugged into a Toshiba Satellite laptop running Windows 7 32bit. I have been able to sync my prior HTC Incredible to it, and I am able to sync my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to it. I can sync my Rezound to my car and my HP laptop at work, it is just this device that I can't connect to.

    Both the phone and the laptop recognize the other exists, but they pc gives a message that says ""Adding this device failed because of an authentification error. This might be due to the use of an incorrect pairing code. Try using the correct pairing code for the device". Meanwhile the phone says "the pairing was rejected by the PC." The thing is that neither the pc or the phone asks me for a passkey or gives me the opportunity to enter one on either device.

    I have spoken to HTC support and they say it is an incompatibility issue with Broadcom. Broadcom has no one to talk to, and I have downloaded the latest drivers, but cannot find anything specifically related to the Rezound and any incompatibility issues. I have also tried downloading different bluetooth apps from the market to see if they would more compatible but have not yet succeeded.

    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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  2. fritomisto

    fritomisto Lurker
    Thread Starter

    After going through every support network to try to solve my sync problem with my Broadcom bluetooth usb device, I just by accident discovered that downloading Verizon drivers to my pc would solve the entire problem. i have not had to do this before, so ignore it this time, but that was the answer. whoda thunk it.

    Now I can continue to just enjoy this phone. It is truly amazing. And what a fantastic camera too!

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