Help Can't Turn off Haptic Feedback on JB


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Upgraded to JB 4.1.2 earlier from ICS via root.

I had haptic feedback 100% turned off on ICS, however I can't bloody get rid of it on JB.

In Settings > Power Saving > Turn Off Haptic Feedback - it's turned off.
Settings > Sound > Haptic feedback as well

However whenever I type in WhatsApp or do stuff in a load of other apps the phone bloody starts vibrating.

I've tried downloading the 'Auto Haptic Widged' but that hasn't helped either.

Any help appreciated.


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If you didn't wipe the data, its probably that. Please read the obviously titled sticky thread about this.


I have recently upgraded to JB via Cyanogenmod and have tried turning off haptic feedback via settings>language & input and settings>sound without success. Everything but the keyboard has stopped haptic feedback.

Have bypassed the problem by downloading and using a go keyboard via the app store.