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Can't Update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scrubby, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. scrubby

    scrubby Member
    Thread Starter

    I went to System Update and I keep getting this message:


    I don't have cell reception at home, but I do have a wifi connection and it works fine for everything else.

    Am I missing something here or do I have a phone defect?

  2. alfick3

    alfick3 Android Expert

    Turn off airplane mode maybe?
  3. scrubby

    scrubby Member
    Thread Starter

    Turned off airplane mode and no difference.
  4. alfick3

    alfick3 Android Expert

    It was a thought. I don't have the phone yet, so not sure what else to think of trying.
  5. saptech

    saptech Android Expert

    Do you mean you have wifi connection using the phone other then getting the update or the phone is not connecting to wifi at all?
    If you do not have wifi at all on the phone, try removing the current wifi profile, if listed, and re-add it. If this is not the case, check all your networking settings, maybe something is holding it back.

    If you're using a router, try restarting it.

    Just a thought!
  6. scrubby

    scrubby Member
    Thread Starter

    The phone is connected to wifi and the connection is working properly. I can check my email accounts, get weather updates on eye in the sky and connect to the web with both my browsers. My magicjack app works fine as well. But when I tell it to check for updates, I get the message, so I'm a little confused.
  7. scrubby

    scrubby Member
    Thread Starter

    Turns out it was a setting in network settings I changed for AdBlocker Plus.

    Thanx to all that responded.
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  8. saptech

    saptech Android Expert

    Glad you found what was causing the problem. Thanks for telling us how you solved it also.
  9. alfick3

    alfick3 Android Expert

    Ditto saptech.

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