Help Can't use GPS without internet access.


Is an internet connection required in order to use the GPS function on Samsung Galaxy 5?

I'm asking because when I'm on a remote area and I need the GPS function the most it never works, because it gets stuck in the "searching for location" message.

But I tested the GPS function under a place covered by internet access and it worked.

So I just want to know if my phone is broken or if it's normal that its GPS function doesn't work without internet access.


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No you can't use GPS on this phone without internet. Although the phone has a GPS receiver, the maps aren't stored on the device, they are downloaded depending where the GPS receiver says you are. You would need to buy an alternative Navigation app that stores the maps on your phone, there is a "CoPilot Live" app on the UK Android store but it costs

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With Google Maps you can precache maps by long pressing the area you want and it will download them to the SD Card. I think it does it downloads it in a 10 mile radius.


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I think it mostly has to do with the particular app you're using.

For example, I use Endomondo Sport Tracker; with it I track the route of my workout, and it does it in places where having an internet access available would be hard. What Endomondo does is "map" the route in a line (or series of dots) thought the GPS receiver and afterwards, when I have a Wi-Fi connection in my house, puts the actual map (downloaded from Google Maps) right under the track.