Root Can't use USB Mass Storage


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I can't transfer files from my computer to my phone. It happened when I flashed a new ROM. I've flashed 3 others and still no luck. Did one ROM wipe something out of my phone that allows USB file transfer? Is there anything I can flash or install to fix this?


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what happens when you connect your phone to the computer? what rom were you on and what have you tried? what did you wipe before flashing the roms?

try and reboot the computer. also maybe try and unmount the card and remove it and then put it back in and remount it.


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I've been trying Team-Blaze ROMS. I tried Energy and Hybrid and Synergy. I also tried MIUI. When I connect my phone to the computer it says it can connect in disc mode and all of the other options. The computer makes a noise as if it recognizes it. Before flashing ROMs I wiped everything manually and then did a superwipe twice each time.

I'll try those suggestions out and see what happens.