Oct 15, 2009
Blacksburg, VA
Hey All, I'm not sure if this question has been addressed or asked yet, and I couldn't find anything using the search feature, so I'll ask anyways.

Sometimes I get email notifications (using HTC Mail) and I open Mail and go to the new message, but all that shows up is a timestamp of "Wed, Dec 31, 1969 7:00 PM" with no subject, body, or even sender. It's like the email didn't download or I can't view it for some other reason.

Anyone have any workarounds/tips/help??
I found this post about the odd timestamp...

It's spam, they are doing it to get around comcast's spam filters and mine for valid email addresses.. I receieve a few awhile back and found a similar thread on another forum about it.

[Spam] Spam on my Comcast account dated 12-31-1969 -

I don't have comcast (it's a school email i'm using), and it's definitely not spam. Sometimes the blank odd message will be replaced by the intended message to be read, almost as if it's just been loaded too late or something. Any help please?