Help Can't watch life tv properly...

I got the S2 3 days ago, and I am a bit disappointed with it. It’s not running life tv properly, for example BBC news and Bloomerg Life Tv on G3, which I would be using.

I got together with 2 other friends, one with the Iphone and the other with a HTC desire HD, and those other phones ran the life stream alright, the desire HD was a champ and it’s an older phone. Now my brand new S2 didn’t run a thing! I tried with another S2 in the phone store, with their showroom phone and it didn’t work either.

Eventually I made it to work ONLY when I use a wifi fast connection, but not on G3.

So my question, is there anything that is missing? Like some flash accelerator or something...Or something that I could do to it?

I did knottiest when some running applications were close, It did work better, but with loads of interruptions, nothing like a smooth video stream that I saw on desire HD for example. But my friends had all kinds of applications running on the back ground and did work. What's up with this S2?:(

Any idea what can be done? or the phone is not so fast like it was suppose to! anybody with the same problem?


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A player is nice, however I am talking about LIVE tv played in a website, I am gona try some website that offer those life feeds...

Thx anyway