Root Captain throwback bootloader help.


Hi all,

New guy here. My son and I rooted our phones using Capt Throwback method and now we want to use amen ra recovery, however everytime we go into bootloader, it constantly recognizes the that has already been updated. Is this normal? Thanks in advance for any help. I looked all over the forum and cant find any help.

Thanks tons.

An UrgeTo Dance

The Hero of the Winds
I always leave mine on the card, or in a safe place on my computer or external drive, and remane it to something I can recognize incase I ever need it again. If it is for say Amon recovery, I would rename it PC36IMG_Amon.


The TechnoFrog
I agree with Urge its always good to keep a copy on the hard drive never know when you will need it again. And another good point he made is to make sure you have it named in a way where it will be recognizable as to the content.