Jul 31, 2012

Ever since i upgraded to Gingerbread I can't use my GPS. It keeps saying "Searching for GPS." I've researched several forums, change the setting in Angry GPS but that hasn't helped.

Here's what I've done so far to resolve the issue:
1. Rooted the phone and tried the h3llstorm
I use mtcarey's corn kernel 7.06, and this: (http)://forum(dot)xda-developers(dot)com/showthread.php?t=1493695
I get a lock instantly, indoors or out. Fixed my GPS issues, and I can keep gingerbread...that is until some of the ICS bugs are ironed out a little bit more. Hope this helps.

edited: I meant 7.06, not .05. Whoops.
I could flash using the zip file. I get E: Signature Verification failed error message.
I was able to flash using corn kernel 7.06. Will test the GPS tomorrow morning and post results. Thanks!
Still having GPS issues. Inside the house i get 6 to 8 satellites, outside too but as soon as i start driving...within mins the GPS craps out.....Searching for GPS...