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Captivate:How to fixing Kies sync with outlook problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, Feb 8, 2011.

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    After days of configuration and test, I finally made Kies work with outlook 2010 on Win 7 (x64).

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S Captivate (SGH-i896)
    OS: Froyo
    Carrier: Rogers

    First I need to thank everyone who posted their experiences which benefit me a lot.

    Here is my experience:

    1. Get the latest version of Kies from Samsung Europe or Asia site. Check updates and install if exists.
    2. Find Kies.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Kies , right click it and select properties. In compatibility Tab, choose Win XP (sp3), and Choose “Run this program as administrator”.
    3. Do the same thing for KiesTrayAgent.exe.
    4. Make sure drivers for your captivate are correctly installed.If you are not sure. Try install drivers again from Kies ->Tools
    5. Connect your Captivate to USB and choose Samsung Kies mode.
    6. If you have problem sync Contacts, try to run SCANPST.EXE from your outlook program folder.
    7. Most important of all, (I figured this all by myself), if your Captivate is rooted and you installed OCLF lagfix V2.2+, you won’t have any chance to make Kies to work with your phone. So, remove OCLF lagfix V2.2, you will find everything works fine now.
    Good luck.

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  2. Deleted User

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    After I removed OCLF, I tried Voodoo lagfix. I found that Sync is OK. However, Voodoo 5.4.1 caused a lot problem on system, like none function Home Button, reversed speaker and headset (sound comes from speaker when headset plugged in, then no sound from speaker when unplugged.)

    I had to flash my Captivate (i896). Spent hours to get back to Rogers Froyo.

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